I've had sex 133 times this week.?

Answer thats not that much i have done more.did you get paid

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How many times did you brush your teeth this week?

i brush them in the morning and at night so that is 7x2 which is 14>>>so i guess 14 times!

I went to the chiropractor and he recommended going 3 times a week for a year- is this necessary or a scam?

When I first started going to a chiropractor, she recommended that I come in for adjustments 3 times a week. HOWEVER, she said this was only necessary for three to four WEEKS, not a year. I actuall... Read More »

I downloaded adobe flash half a dozen times this week and restarted etc, yet it will won't work?

Due to security features in the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control, you must first remove all existing installations of Flash Player from your Windows system before installing prerelease versions o... Read More »

This sounds dumb but it is there anything potentially wrong with me if i only crap 2 times a week?

No. My ex-husband freaked when we got married and he found out that I only pooped every 2-3 days. He made me go to the dr and she told me I was perfectly fine and that everyone is different.