I've had a very bad day, too. I just want to kick back and relax.?

Answer I am, too.Good luck !

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How to Perform a Back Kick?

The back kick (Ushiro geri) is one of the most powerful and useful kicks in the martial arts, and can be adapted to many situations.

Would you close your eyes, sit back, relax your muscles and take a moment to pause and chill out ?

Been doing that on and off all day Kirst.

How to Do a Back Bend Kick Over Using a Chair?

Here is how to perform a back bend kick over using a chair.

I have no sense of humor today, is it ok to go out and kick some before it comes back?

okay this joke is just for you no humor required cause i just made it up and it is dumb. a kinky haired black Jewish Rabi a a red headed Muslim Irish muillia and a long haired American Indian south... Read More »