I've got this bump/bone sticking out of my left ear ?

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My premature grandson now 8 months old has started sticking his tongue out a lot. I have read that this could be a symptom of cerebral palsy. Is this normal and common?

Yes, it is part of normal development, he's learning to use his tongue. If this is his only symptom of CP I would not be worried, if he has other symptoms or motor delays that go outside his adjust... Read More »

Why do I get this sharp pain above my left ear, or just ouside my left ear?

Since you've been experiencing this problem for some time, need to get it checked out. Only a Physician can diagnosis this problem. If it is a Dental Problem, then the Doctor will be able to tell y... Read More »

I always have paper left from the printing kit but not ink left in the printer cartridge. Why is this?

Maybe your printing things that require a lot of a certain color and it takes a mix of all to get that color perhaps? not totally sure but sounds logical to me

DVD has started sticking half way through film, have tried cleaning with CD wipes, still sticking. Any ideas?

If other dvd's play fine then its not your reader on the player. SUggest you take it back to the shop for a refund