I've got the same pants on as I had on this really bad for me?

Answer fact it's lovely. Especially if you've been doing sports and left them dry to form crustation.... oooh on a hot day maybe? Would you send them to me as I have a fetish for pants...everyti... Read More »

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I went on holiday in italy and heard this really nice portuguese song on the radio rds.I saw the same song on?

You can't be serious. No way to know with the little info given.

Your 5 years old daughter poohs her pants she is really constipated she just poohs very little but its not watery like diarrhea or anything only has her bowel movemnet in 3 4 days its really irregular?

Approximately 700 or an average of 14 per state. Pediatric Surgeons can be found in Children's Hospitals or very large Community Hospitals in large cities.

If I wore the same pair of ralph lauren pants every day?

that's what people who work in uniforms do ,I worked in a coffee shop had 2 pairs one fit perfectly The other just didn't so I wore the one pair washed them every couple days they lasted 18 months ... Read More »

How to Wear Really Low Baggy Pants Without Losing Them?

You like to wear your pants baggy but you are not sure how low you can go and your pants don't stay where you fasten them? You see guys on the street with massively baggy pants and wonder how to we... Read More »