I've got something in my eye. How do I get it out?

Answer Fill a small glass with water (shot glass would work really well), to the top. Cover the glass with your eye, allowing your eye to be immersed. Then open your eye. Try blinking the eye to help w... Read More »

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Can I upgrade my safelink phone to something not a tracfone like net 10 or virgin mobile or something?

Short answer: no.Longer answer: Safelink is a service of Tracfone Wireless, so you can only use a Safelink or Tracfone-branded phone on Safelink. Other carriers like Verizon et al. also offer the ... Read More »

Is there something you can take to keep mosquitos away A vitamin or something?

If you take B vitamins or garlic that will keep them away.

Help! i have something comming out of my vigina and its not blood its something solid?

Well I pulled something in my back while lifting something and it hurts to move around?

Get x-rayed buddy sounds like you have a herniated disc...