Ive got depression, but my personal poblems re making me worse....?

Answer Depression is a chemical thing, it's not mental. Your brain has too much serotonin (sp?) and you have to get medication to control it. Stick through it, it could take even up to 6 monthes (or 1 m... Read More »

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What are some ways to help someone fighting depression, without making things worse?

as a bi polar person i know a thing or too about depression. the only thing that kept me exercising was for someone to do it with me and make me get up off my hiney. Make them go out because they ... Read More »

Is major depression worse during a menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: Studies Provide Supporting EvidenceA study of 433 women published in the journal Psychological Medicine in 2005 found 64 percent of the women reported that their depressive symptoms go... Read More »

How to Avoid Making a Bad Situation Worse?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that will only get worse if we approach it the wrong way, especially if we are wound up like a tight fuse and want to let out a torrent of abuse or violen... Read More »

Retainers making my teeth worse?

My suggestion to you is go to your orthodontist they can tell what the problem is:)