I've got an interview at a nursery tomorow what should I wear?

Answer In college, before we entered a classroom to teach or observe we had to pass "The Test". If we had on a skirt we had to bend over and if you could see your panties you were out! Bend over (like y... Read More »

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My makeup artist friend did my make up tonight, and i wanna wear it tomorow night. bad idea to sleep in it?

You can sleep in it if you want, but there is no guarantee you won't move around in your sleep and mess the make up "up." It's up to you though.

Help Please. I have an interview tommorrow for a nursery nurse job. Anyone any ideas what I might get asked?

Hi there I am depute manager of a childrens nursery and some of the questions we ask are what qualities could you bring to the job-what age group are you most interested in working with-what experi... Read More »

Interview Nursery Assistant - tips on type of questions?

My daughter just applied to a daycare. She was asked what her priorities would be be if she worked at the daycare. My first thought was safety. She answered (this was all on paper, so she had time ... Read More »

What should I wear to my very first job interview?

God don't wear a cardigan! It all depends on the sort of job that you are interview for. Try and work out what other people in the job are wearing. Its all about fitting in.