Ive got an infected tooth and my vision is blurred,could they be connected?

Answer Yes , they could be related.Are you under medical care ?What did the doctor/dentist have to say ?

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What is the difference between a infected tooth and a impacted tooth?

An infection is just that, an infection... like having an infected cut or any only type of infection. It can be caused by numerous dental problems. Impacted means that the tooth is at least parti... Read More »

Infected tooth extraction help?

Antibiotics will take 3/4 days to work. if you have a tooth pulled with an infection this can go into your blood stream, then you really will be in trouble.Take the pills and have some patience.for... Read More »

Can an infected tooth, spread to the brain?

Yes, a tooth that has abscessed or is infected can effect the body as a whole by way of the blood stream. Dental infections have been known to cause serious illness, and yes, even death when left ... Read More »

Tooth extraction, is my socket infected?

Maybe.Better get it checked out.Bit had to tell without seeing it.Rinse in Celtic sea salt( or Himalayan Rock salt) and warm water in the meantime.