Ive got an infected tooth and my vision is blurred,could they be connected?

Answer Yes , they could be related.Are you under medical care ?What did the doctor/dentist have to say ?

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What is the difference between a infected tooth and a impacted tooth?

An infection is just that, an infection... like having an infected cut or any only type of infection. It can be caused by numerous dental problems. Impacted means that the tooth is at least parti... Read More »

Wierd thing:my friend connected a keyboard to his pc and his system got is this possible?

This is highly unlikelyIf you friends experienced the same infection it is software related not hardware , keyboards and other PS2 or USB Plug and Play devices do not have flash upgradeable ROM so ... Read More »

What Is a Aspergillus-Infected Tooth?

An Aspergillus-infected tooth is a rare occurrence, but can develop from more than one cause and can lead to infection of the maxillary sinuses. An infection may originate from the tooth resulting ... Read More »

How does one know if a wisdom tooth is infected?

Answer I had all my wisdom teeth until I was 32. About a month ago I got a real bad jaw ache on my right side and my teeth got really sensitive. I used ice packs and pain meds for aboout 2 days a... Read More »