I've got a whopping sore tooth ........ my Dentist can't fit me in for 7 days?

Answer beleive it or not bonjela tht stuff you put on babys gums works a treat hate toothache mate feel better

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Is it safe if the dentist said to wait three days until your next appointment to take a prophylaxis antibiotic to pull an abscessed tooth?

Answer I would not wait to take an antibiotic for an abcess tooth! If you get the tooth pulled with the infection still in are in for one rude awakening when he attempts to pull that to... Read More »

Four days ago I got my tooth pulled came straight it normal for the gums to still feel sore..?

It will be tender for a bit....andFor me the most annoying thing after the pain and tenderness were gone was the sticking my tongue in the hole constantly.....What you are describing is normal...Pe... Read More »

After dentist tested tooth with a really cold chemical, tooth is sensitive?

That chemical was extremely cold carbon dioxide. It will go back to normal soon.

Is it normal after a tooth extraction to have the tooth beside the extracted one become sore?

Answer It is very common, so don't worry the whole area is just sore , if it persists after the extraction site has healed see your dentist. good luck Answer It is very common, so don't worry the... Read More »