I've got a medical emergency! Please Help!?

Answer This is not a medical emergency. You are self diagnosing yourself from the internet. There is a reason people go to school for 10 years for this.See a doctor if you are this concerned.

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Medical emergency, please help?

this is stupidgetting a jolly out of answers to obvious faked out quesitons is against Yahoo! Answers terms of case you are just ill-informed:Lager is beer, Ale is beer, it won't hurt yo... Read More »

What does Emergency Medical System mean?

EMS (Emergency Medical System) is a network of community responders and health care workers that:Recognise an emergency exists (general public or 1st responder)Call 911 or local emergency number (g... Read More »

How to Become an Emergency Medical Dispatcher?

Emergency medical dispatchers respond to incoming calls from the public and dispatch medical personnel to provide assistance as it may be needed for situations such as accidents involving injuries ... Read More »

HELP MEDICAL EMERGENCY In need of assistance immediately!?

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