Ive given my married lover his wife has it and is so happy?

Answer What a nasty piece of work.......

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Is it OK not to tell my wife a female lover I dated on and off in 1984 - 1985 got HIV I tested HIV negative.?

These tests should be banned in the first place. Ask your doctor to read the insert disclaimer that comes with the tests. NONE of them are FDA approved to diagnose HIV infection. To answer the q... Read More »

How to Keep Your Wife Happy?

The toughest job for any man/husband/boyfriend is keeping his beloved happy and smiling. Here are many ways you can make her happy.

Me and my wife won the lottery 37 million to be exact but im still not happy why?

Are you working? Have a hobby? I think no matter how much money you have, you need interests that make you feel good. Do you have a church or charity? Do you like animals? Do you have a "cause... Read More »

How to Live a Happy Married Life?

Married life is as essential for fulfillment as food is for hunger.It is very important to leave your all perils and suffocation to office when you entered in your home because sometimes it can eff... Read More »