I've downloaded some songs to a external hard drive,and play them through i tunes. ?

Answer Aslong as you do it through Itunes, yes.

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Can you use an external hard drive on the direct TV system to record sHow is and then play them on your computer?

Yes. It's been working perfectly on mine for about 8 months.

How do you repair an ipod that skips through all your songs but will not play any of them?

Answer You may have to restore your factory settings through iTunes. Plug in your iPod and wait for it to load. Then, in the screen that shows up, choose "restore factory settings". This will e... Read More »

How can i delete un wanted songs from my ipod nano after i downloaded them?

Answer well i guess your expecting me to answer your question...i agree with the dude above!! or offense!! : ) you need to go to your itunes and check the ones that you want to delete! go... Read More »

How to Play Some Simple Tunes on the Violin?

Ahh, the violin. Many people all over the world love its distinctive whine and the way it changes notes so quickly. But don't you just wish you could play it? That's no longer a wish for me-so I ca... Read More »