I've cut down to 5 ciggies a day, but feeling reaaly unwell,,,advice please!?

Answer been there done that there is only one way "my son" crash out of them, cutting down really doe's not work, and now I'm afraid to ask you but here goes are you wearing patches cos if you are, you ar... Read More »

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Im feeling weird....please help!!!please!!?

For starters, I suggest you start eating three meals a day because when you only eat two meals a day your body thinks you are starving and collects all your fat and stores it away in preparation of... Read More »

If you are feeling down today...........?

I was till I read the rest of your question. If laughter is the best medicine then bring it on and I hope I can keeping laughing till the end of my days. Cheers for that.

How to stop feeling so down?

Who cares if you werent invited to some party, the person throwing it was prolly stuck up. Partys arent of like major importance you would just go an hangout an talk to people. Itd say prom is more... Read More »

Feeling Down Read this(:?

You don't sound like you suffer from low self-esteem, quite the contrary. Keep toughing it out because you know you are better than those that strive to put you down. Don't let others determine w... Read More »