I've copied a website is it legal?

Answer Not legal. Original creative content is assumed to belong to it's creator for the purpose of copyright, whether the site is marked as copyrighted or not. If the owner of the site finds out about yo... Read More »

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Is it Legal to Copy this Website?

No, what you're planning on doing is perfectly legal. Currently drawing styles cannot be copyrighted because the way a person expresses themselves cannot be legal copyrighted as intellectual prope... Read More »

What is a legal website to download songs?

Unfortunately there's a new law, so only iTunes and other paying websites

Its legal to take content from wikipedia and put it in my website ?

Check out her for more details:…Can I reuse Wikipedia's content somewhere else?Main page: Wikipedia:Reusing Wikipedia contentWikipedia's textual content i... Read More »

LEGAL (somewhat) cheap music website?