Ive contacted my internet provider and apple but cannot connect back to my internet with my ipod?

Answer After multiple attempts at trying to connect the router and the ipod get confused. Do this, in this order, and when I say wait a minute or two minutes I mean a full minute or two. I don't mean 10 s... Read More »

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How to Connect to the Internet on an Apple iMac G4?

Although the G4 line of Apple computers uses a different processor than the modern Intel-based Apple machines, the network connection process is nearly identical. In fact, the network settings inte... Read More »

Can you use a usb port modem on your apple iPad to connect to the internet?

no but you can buy an attatchment that plugs in and you can download it through that...i think.

Why won't my IPod connect to the Internet?

Do what I have written below to get it going again. Then after it's working wait a minute or two before you start trying to use it after turning it on. Some routers take a while to connect to. I... Read More »

How do you connect to the internet on an ipod touch?

If you have wireless this should work. 1. Turn on your itouch and go to settings.2. In settings it says look for wi fi. Its the 2nd one.3. Tap on that and at the top if it says your wi fi is off sl... Read More »