I've been working out all summer everyday...?

Answer You have to eat BIG to get big. You need a large intake of protein, carbs, and some fat. Try to eat five meals a day, they don't have to be large meals just five small meals spread out through the ... Read More »

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I hate being around sweating and smelling humanity on public transport. Do all people bath everyday in summer?

sure there are some that do not take a bath but the main problem is there are alot of hard working people out there that have no transportation,they rely on public transportation.Now do you really ... Read More »

Working outside this summer?

A good sun hat will make a world of difference. And drink drink drink LOTS of water. (Not soda, not stuff with sugar....water.)And light weight, airy clothing. Cotton skirts are cool and let the... Read More »

How to Survive Working at Summer Camp?

Are the brats of summer present driving you insane? If so, don't quit your job, just read.

If you will be working in a different state for the summer do you need to tell your insurance company and get a different policy?

Answer That's a good question, but when you get right down to it, it probably depends on your insurance carriers policies on that sort of thing.Generally speaking, though, if you still consider you... Read More »