Ive been told to purchase a genuine windows licence,my pc is at risk Help!?

Answer It appears that your Windows Xp is not genuine copy.... but that message is annoying you can remove it and buy Xp later So First remove that annoying message.....>> Disable Non Genuine Windows Warn... Read More »

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I have been told by Microsoft that my version of windows xp is not genuine, had it 8 this a scam !!!!?

Yes.The whole Microsoft thing is a scam - that's why Bill Gates is the richest bloke in the world!!What choice have you?, DOS? It's freaking scandalous - the whole world is being milked by a monop... Read More »

My 15 year ol daughter has been told she needs glasses to wear full time. Any tips to help her with this?

Get her contacts if she wants to opt for that. But some glasses are very trendy right now and look great. Show her some very fashionable pairs, and maybe show her pics of some famous, beautiful p... Read More »

If i was at a risk of a heart attack would the doctor of told me by now?

Yes if the doctor has any reason to believe you may have a heart attack, he/she would tell you. But of course your doctor would have to run some tests on you before knowing anything. But if you a... Read More »

I think my Windows XP has been counterfeited! Help!!?

This website address? -> so it IS from Microsoft.So how did they make a mistake, and mark your genuine copy of Microsoft Windows as a counterfeit copy?It's all t... Read More »