I've been taking a large amount of poops recently, should I be concerned?

Answer There are lots of things that could contribute to the change:- medication (new or change)- diet- change in fluids or type of fluids- stress- medical condition- whether you wore socks most days duri... Read More »

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My poops have been hurting!?

You may have an anal fissure, which is a small break in the skin around the anus that can be very painful when you poop. It can be made worse by constipation. It's not related to hygiene. My advice... Read More »

I have been wearing earrings for 3 year just recently my ear holes have developed knots what should i do?

yea i had just got my ears pirecd at walmart and then thy didnt clean them so my ear got infected and i had giant knotsjust go to a store and pick up some ear care stuff but take out your earingsi... Read More »

Recently I noticed I'm taking 10-15 Ibuprofen pills a day. Is it normal?

OMG Ibufren are notorious for burning away the lining of the stomach and causing ulcers. Please stop taking them and go and see your DR. Years ago I was taking aspirin for a back problem and caused... Read More »

I have been a type1 diabetic for 6 years now and lately i haven't been taking care of myself I stopped caring?

I was where you are about 15 years ago, I felt very defeated and that I just couldn't get my numbers right so why bother? Then I read something that kicked me into gear, perhaps it will help you, ... Read More »