I've been taking a large amount of poops recently, should I be concerned?

Answer There are lots of things that could contribute to the change:- medication (new or change)- diet- change in fluids or type of fluids- stress- medical condition- whether you wore socks most days duri... Read More »

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Recently I noticed I'm taking 10-15 Ibuprofen pills a day. Is it normal?

OMG Ibufren are notorious for burning away the lining of the stomach and causing ulcers. Please stop taking them and go and see your DR. Years ago I was taking aspirin for a back problem and caused... Read More »

Where can I buy a large amount of sugar cookies?

You could try sams club (walmarts affiliate) they sell everything in bulk amounts even their fresh bakery goods. They do sheet cakes, cupcakes and pretty much any cookies i kno. they definitely hav... Read More »

I might have inhaled a large amount of insect repellent?

How Do I Store a Large Amount of Bubble Wrap?

Bubble wrap is used for a wide variety of things. Although most people might not think about purchasing bubble wrap themselves, it can certainly come in handy. Whether you're shipping a package, wr... Read More »