Ive been reallly dizzy?

Answer Perhaps you need to reduce your intake of junk sugar as in item 88 in

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I've been dizzy all day?

The fever is making you dizzy. Bring down the fever with tylenol, rest and fruit juices and water. You can also take over the counter Bonny for dizziness. It's wonderful. A lot better than dramine.

I've been feeling dizzy and have headaches?

Your having migraines. go see a doctor and if you can a neurologists.If they say its just a normal migraine and try to give you a prescription go to a chiropractor it might have to do with your spi... Read More »

Help! For the past two weeks or so, I have been feeling constantly dizzy?

I'm no expert, but isn't pins and needles and dizziness symptoms of heart trouble?

Today all of a sudden I've been really dizzy and I'm sweating excessivley.. I'm only 14!!?

I had the same thing. I'm about your age. Have you had any milk or dairy products lately? when that happened to me...about 2 weeks ago - I went to the doctor immediatly and I was told that I am m... Read More »