I've been in the sun for 6 hours today and I don't feel good. What could it be?

Answer You have sun poisoning:avoid the sun as much as possibleyou might want to stay home because you will feel dizzy and might get get a cold because you are now more vulnerable to viruses because the s... Read More »

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I took 15 tylenols at once.. its been 12 hours and i dont feel anything.. what is gonna happen?

Go to ER NOW. Tylenol active ingrediant is Acetminophen aka Paracetamol this in doses of more than 1g per time or 2 500mg tabs is highly toxic for the liver and causes hepatotoxicity aka liver fail... Read More »

I just had surgery 2+ hours ago. Why do I feel so good?

Better hurry and give yourself a left handed strange.

My stomach doesn't feel so good today... any ideas what could be wrong?

My girlfriend has shaved off her "WELCOME MAT" and i dont like it because it dont look or feel the same?

Don't be so fussy....least you can now see what your eating!!