I've been having twitching?

Answer A magnesium deficiency can cause twitching as in…80% of the adult population does not consume the recommended daily amount of magnesium.

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Why does my right eye keep twitching?

my eye was doing it all this morning-you need sleep. I drank coffee and it went a away (obviously cause of the caffine). So if you don't have time to sleep, drink some coffee but a word of caution... Read More »

Eye Twitching?

my eye twitches sometimes and it feels really wierd...sometimes it happens alot and others it doesnt...all depends on if i get enough sleep or how stressed out i am... and the itchiness happens too... Read More »

My eye keep twitching, why?

Why is my arm twitching?

I've heard they can be caused by stress or anxiety but also that it can be caused by a lack in particular vitamins. Although if it persists I would considering seeing a doctor, like a neurologist.