Ive been having this feeling in my head?

Answer Try going to sleep, if that doesn't work, see a doctor.

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High heartrate, head feeling weird.?

With all those side effects I would stop my new medication Right NOW Sometimes ;; doctors are wrong ; and you are or [ we are ] the one who is paying the price

Strange wet/cold feeling on right side of head?

Hi Dayna,It could be almost anything, you really do need to get a Doctor to listen to you and give you some good advice.One thing I will say is that I have suffered from panic attacks many times ov... Read More »

Banged my head earlier today and now feeling sick?

Go to the doctor to check for a concussion. I'm not sure if this next part is true but don't fall asleep either, that might mess something up.

If I felt a tingling feeling in my head when I was woken up from sleep like I feel when I try to move my leg?