Ive been eating immensely and going to sleep early is....?

Answer It could be plenty of different things, the symptoms you list could be related to depression. However, this could also be signs of pregnancy, a thyroid disorder, lack of rem sleep, not enough exerc... Read More »

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Could it be too early to tell if you're pregnant if you had sex weeks ago and you haven't been feeling right and have been eating a lot and your breasts hurt and you're tired but a test was negative?

Answer You should probably wait until you have a missed period. I am having the same problem me and my hubby are trying to have a baby and i have took 2 test already and both were negative but i am... Read More »

Going to sleep early isn't an option, How can i have more energy in the day!?

I used to have a similar problem. Here's what worked for me:- Have a big, HEALTHY breakfast (some people say that an apple keeps you awake better than coffee).- Drink lots of water! You'll go to th... Read More »

This is going to sound immensely weird but are you afraid of dieing?

Life is hard, death is easy and if you are religious you and them have something to look forward to weather it be the afterlife or reincarnation

For the past 2 days I've been waking up early and can't get back to sleep?

Maybe something's troubling you. Try meditating if possible before you go to sleep.Have a warm bath and relax in there.Hmm quietly whilst laying on your back with the room as dark as possible with ... Read More »