Ive been eating immensely and going to sleep early is....?

Answer It could be plenty of different things, the symptoms you list could be related to depression. However, this could also be signs of pregnancy, a thyroid disorder, lack of rem sleep, not enough exerc... Read More »

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During the work week do you try to go to sleep early What time is early for you?

Yes I do, I work mondays through thursdays and then sunday. I usually go to bed around 10:30 and then I get up at 5am.

How early do you set a healthy eating example for your kids?

^I lost 5 lbs just being near the spam.3 months... this is a great age to start her on Cool Whip, and then move into ice cream around 5 - 5 1/2 months, Twizzlers are great when she starts teething,... Read More »

Is eating and sleeping more an early symptom of pregnancy?

Eating and Sleeping as Symptoms These two symptoms have been described as early pregnancy symptoms. They can also be caused by stress, or maybe even a hormone imbalance. I would take a look at whet... Read More »

Can't sleep and got to be up early?

Watch television, take some sleep medicine (I have to do that because I can't sleep too well at night), play a game, draw something. Just try doing something that would get you tired. Don't just la... Read More »