I've been blocked from making comments?

Answer Itz upto that facebook pages admin, he only decide to allow you to comment in their page

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It won't let me on Facebook, it says my account has been blocked, and it's making me fill out information?

did you by chance create more than one account? if so, that would explain it

[facebook] "Sorry, you are blocked from leaving comments due to continued overuse of this feature."?

LMAO. sorry..its just u got banned for leaving to many comments.

On Facebook, how do you disable people from making comments on my photos and posts.?

there is no way to prevent people on the friends list from making comments if they can see the picture - what you want to do is not possible

Who has been blocked from editing wikipedia?

Some users have been banned. They and some other editors have been blocked. Banned editors are usually established editors who have been determined to so disruptive to Wikipedia that they should no... Read More »