I've been bleeding for 10 days straight help!?

Answer bandaid and neosporine. quick cure for all. if not duct tape should do

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I have a small cut in my gum that has been bleeding on and off for 5 days and I've been to the hospital twice?

HiTry to avoid brushing the cut as that will cause it to bleed, and avoid hot drinks too.Cuts on gums are a pain to heel, but I have found ulcer medicine good, especially Bongella.If you have a lit... Read More »

Can you be pregnant after having light bleeding for three days and then a week later you had spotting for two days and you've been feeling like you're going to throw up?

Answer No, I have the same problem. I'm 13. For me, it just means that I'm either sick, or just having an abnormal period. Hey, it happens. But just in case, take a pregnancy test. Don't rely on th... Read More »

My lip is bleeding because I bit it. It has been bleeding for like 40 minutes-- how do i stop the bleeding./?

You just need to stop messing with it. Dabbing it with tissues over and over only prevents the blood from clotting and the scab forming. I chew my lips too, I would start using ChapStick or Burts B... Read More »

If you have been having diarrhea for 3 days now and after an exam you started bleeding pink and brown blood how close is labor?

It depends how many months, but just to be sure, you should always tell your doctor right away, for safety of you and your baby.