I've been banned from Wikipedia for vandelism. Any help please?

Answer You should have received warnings before you were banned, which it is a good idea to listen to. If this is your first ban it is usually for 48 hours. Then you will be able to log back on, and you... Read More »

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I've got banned from Wikipedia for personal attacks. Any help please?

I can both help you and give you advice about the situation. First, no ban from Wikipedia is permanent. You were only banned because we did not think you would quit making personal attacks in the s... Read More »

Please help.A group is threatening me that i'll be banned from wikipedia?

Unless they are official workers for Wikipedia they cannot get rid of you rather they should be the ones to be gotten rid of. Ensure that they are not workers for Wikipedia. If this problem continu... Read More »

Has been banned in India?

No I don't think so,,!!i can access easily, may be you have installed any addons or extension which are not allowing you to access that page :)I suggest you to RESET the browser!!or d... Read More »

Banned from mlp wiki chat, please read and help!?

Yes, the age limits cause more probs than they avoid.Create a nuther acct, unless they banned your IP which seems extreme.WP is a paradox: the final product is priceless, but the internal admin is... Read More »