I've accidently taken too many Ibuprofen, will I be ok?

Answer I wouldn't call it stupidness, I would call it trying to relieve terrible pain. Don't take any more for now, call your doctor and make an appointment with him. It sounds like you need a stronger, p... Read More »

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I have taken 17 Ibuprofen and still in pain?

i am a medical student and have been dealing with pain for 1 1/2 years with my ankle ( 7 pins & a plate) so i know about pain...where is the pain and what kind of pain is it? let me know and i migh... Read More »

You have occassionally taken ibuprofen in your third trimester is your baby at risk?

No, ibuprofen is perfectly safe for you and your baby during pregnancy and even afterwards, as long as you follow the directions on the packaging. Think, what does the hospital give babies when the... Read More »

I accidently floded my bathroom, will the tiles get moldy what will happen?

The tiles will be okay, but any areas around them may grow mould, particularly the grout. Many grout types are porous and will need to be sealed with an epoxy coating to protect it from water.If an... Read More »

Does Ibuprofen contain Acetaminophen I want to take Ibuprofen and tylenol together for my toooth.?

No it does not. You can take them for your tooth together, it is perfectly safe. Do not go over the recommended dosages.