Ive a filling come out, what can i plug it with till the dentists open wednesday.?

Answer The late night Chemist have temp fillings that you can plug the hole with .try and phone one in your area.

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You are 75 effaced and 1cm dilated and 35 weeks along how long till you go into labor i have lost my plug and having contractions here and there through out the day and night?

Answer I would suggest calling your doctor. it all depends on your body. however, i know your pretty much safe until your 100 effaced and 10 cms, but that can happen quickly.

Does anybody know where a dentists office in Palestine, TX or Elkhart, TX is that is open on Sunday?

Try 1-800-DENTIST.

Links from chat in Teamspeak 3 won't open till I close current Firefox session?

Maybe your Firefox is outdated. You should update it. Read this article for more information on updating Firefox: PC can also be infected by viruses or other malware. You s... Read More »

How do you get a custard like filling when baking a chess pie instead of a bready filling?

The temperature that you cook the cheese pie at, and the length of time you cook it for can have a big impact on texture. I would use 8eggs, 500ml milk, 500ml cream for a basic baked custard mix. I... Read More »