Iv just burnt my fingers .. what can i do to sooth the pain?

Answer run your hand under cold water for twenty minutes... if it is still hurting call the doctor and see what he has to say... =]hope it gets better soon=]also DON'T do what Ian M says... if you read th... Read More »

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Does anyone have regular neck/shoulder pain and what do you do to sooth it?

You probably have wrong position either where you are siting and working longer periods or generally wrong posture. Please lay on the floor with your legs in 90 degree on the chair. This relax all... Read More »

I've burnt my throat and stomach, what can I do to ease the pain?

The tissues of the mouth and esophagus are very tender and easilyy damaged. It would take something VERY hot to have damaged the mucoid lning to the point it still hurts 24 hours later. You must'v... Read More »

What causes joint pain in fingers?

Joint pain in the fingers ranges from temporary discomfort to permanent disability. Causes of joint pain range between a variety of genetic, environmental and physical conditions, and should be pro... Read More »

HELP! I just burned by fingers picking up a hot pan how can i relieve the pain?

put aloe vera on them...... and take some tylenol......sorry you hurt not put butter on it.......