Itunes questions more than one !!!?

Answer It depends if they have DRM or not. If they have DRM, then no, you can only watch through iTunes or Apple devices which connect through iTunes, such as an iPod or Apple TV.If they have no DRM, you... Read More »

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How to Link an iPod to More Than One iTunes?

Apple's iTunes has the unfortunate disadvantage of only supporting one iPod at a time with default settings; hooking up another iPod without the proper steps can lead to your library being cleared ... Read More »

Can you have more than one iPod connected to your iTunes?

You can link multiple iPods to the same computer and iTunes account. You can create separate user accounts on your computer with separate iTunes applications or you can have different playlists wit... Read More »

Drug questions (as in more than one and the good drugs not the bad)?

1. Not 100% safe: true. However, they also (should) have a good side (stop a disease) so we have to weigh the good against the bad2, Teenager taking Viagra. The same effect as when an adult take... Read More »

A question about itunes, can I use more than one device with the same account?

Yes you could have more than 2 devices signed into the same Apple ID (I have 3 currently) but no you can't use a regular MP3 player with it.