Itunes question...?

Answer you have to change the music mp4 file to mp3idk how tosearch it

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Question about iTunes?

Yes. You have to take the files from your ipod and copy them to the computer. to do this you need to activate hidden folders. Go to Start>Control Panel>Folder Options>View tab.Select "Show Hidden f... Read More »

Itunes question-Please help?

do you own the actual CD?open itunes, put the cd in the disc drive, and wait for a promt that asks if you want to transfer or burn or something the songs onto itunes. say yes. it will automatically... Read More »

I'm new to iTunes and I have a quick question?

you can log into your account from any computer.but you can only use one computer for your music it just good for you to just use one computer because all your music is on one computer and i... Read More »

Helppp! iTunes question!!?

ugh... iTunes does not work on LAND PHONES...and an iPhone is NOT a LAND PHONE it's a CELL PHONE...