Itunes and limewire illegal?

Answer Itunes isn't, but limewire is :/oh well. Better to save money!

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I got the iPhone 3g for Christmas and i went on LimeWire and put ashlee simpsons song boyfriend into the itunes file. but what do i do now to get it from itunes onto my iPod in my phone?

Is limewire really illegal?

To be simple, concise, and short - Limewire is technically not illegal. The concept is P2P sharing. Peer to peer sharing files that they "own". That is the loophole concept that has kept networks l... Read More »

Is limewire illegal i want to know?

Limewire itself isn't illegal (it's just file sharing). But downloading songs/movies from it is.

Is LimeWire Illegal ?

No, Limewire is NOT illegal. It is perfectly legal.It is, however, a hotbed of spyware, virus promulgation, key-logging and phishing. I would stay so far away from that ...