It's the first day of school, and I had no sleep.?

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Information on the Effects of Sleep or Lack of Sleep on School Performance?

Lack of restful sleep leads to impaired memory, concentration problems and a decreased ability to solve mathematical equations. Lack of sleep can be especially rough on students, who need to concen... Read More »

Cant sleep and school is tomorrow!?

Hi from France ♫You are too anxious ! Watch a boring program on the Tv, that should work.. Avoid medication, because you could be like a zombie the following day, I mean : asleep, fuzzy mind etc.... Read More »

I had 3-4 hours of sleep. Should I go to school?

if you only had a few hours of sleep because you were up all night throwing up from being sick than no. if you have a generally good reason for no sleep then stay home but if you just had a bad nig... Read More »

Do teenagers do better in school with more sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, not only do teenagers perform better in school with extra sleep, but they also tend to have higher concentration skills and a lower incidence of depressi... Read More »