Its the Facebook Blackout of 2010 What are you doing to survive?

Answer water bottles and canned food,eating my pets

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Is facebook down 9/22/2010?

I've been having the same problem and was searching to see if anyone else is having problems when I saw your post. I can't find much else. I'd think, if they were planning some major work on the ... Read More »

Is Facebook down right now 10/5/2010?

I think the world is about to end and people are probably having withdrawls right now

Is facebook down again 9/23/2010?

Yes I think so! I have the same problem and it's very irritating...

Is Facebook down 23/09/2010?

Yes It is down right now for the second time in two days. Mostly every one will be affected by this. Some of you guys MIGHT be able to get on but it will be very slow for you. There are also report... Read More »