Its my girlfriends and I two year anniversary .?

Answer You didn't say how much you wanted to spend. The Red Lobster or The Olive Garden are a couple of good choices. You might be able to google them and find their menus online to get an idea of what ... Read More »

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Its my and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary...?

italian restaurants are usually romantic. if she's more of a meat and potatoes type girl, take her to a nice steak house. seafood restaurants are usually really nice if you want to spend the mone... Read More »

Its my girlfriends and I two year anniversary and I need to take her out to dinner?

check out for suggestions and reviews for a place to go

Does my 16 year old son have any say with his 17 year old girlfriends pregnancy and the decision on whether to keep it or abort it?

Answer I'd say so, yeah. It's 50% his after all, and even if we don't like it, and I really don't, there's nothing illegal about getting an abortion. I'm sorry, but I just can't justify abortion... Read More »

Are they going to have a 10 year anniversary for the Amanda Show this year?