It's embarrassing to me :(?

Answer Girl, i'm almost 15, i got my period when i was 11, and i'm a AA cup. Seriously, there's nothing to be embarassed about. That's just how your body is. And your only 14, like me. We still have a few... Read More »

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A little embarrassing...?

try using a better shaving cream and a better razor it will still not stop it. but it will help. if you use a cheap razor and cheap cream you will always have them. hope this helps

What is more embarrassing than this please?

OMG OMG, you bombed your physio.. it was better than a silencer or she would have run out.

This is so embarrassing But...?

im worried now lol as you know from last answer i have it too nd my right boob is bigger than left nd it looks like its on a bone or something nd the docter asked if i want sugery but you cant see ... Read More »

This is embarrassing but.............?

If your deoderant is deoderant only, switch to an antiperspirant/deoderant. If thats what you already use, then they make antiperspirant/deoderants for heavy sweating. Check out the section in your... Read More »