Its eating raw veggies better for you than chooked ?

Answer Some are better cooked, such as tomatoes, but most are best eaten raw. Also, it's the splitting of the cell in the veggies that is most beneficial, so the more you chew or blend it, the better

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Is eating veggies and fruits is good for u?

Is a juicer a substitute for eating fruits and veggies?

no, you are missing most of the fiber.fiber helps slow the absorption of sugar as well as other good stuff.

Veggies & Vegans: Could you forgive someone who tricked you in to eating meat?

if they were in my family i would forgive them after a few days, but it would take a long time and a lot of cold shoulders before i did. i might not forgive a peron i wasnt close with.

Are organic veggies happier veggies?

Yurp yurp. I think so. I wouldn't want icky pesticides sprayed all over me ;)