Its bothering me what do i do ?

Answer if it was within 24 hours you can still take the morning after pill which you can get from a drug store if your 18 or from a teen clinic or planned parenthood centers

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My feet bothering me?

There is nothing wrong with wriggling your toes in your shoes, why would you want to stop,it's not harming you.................

How to Ignore Someone Who Is Bothering You?

So, someone at school who is a bully is bothering you, eh? I've been in the same situation, but now the bully is out of this school! Read this article to find out more!

How to Make a Guy Stop Bothering You?

A guy or man is bothering you when going out. You can't seem to shake him. What do you do? Blow him off!

My stomach has been bothering me?

Yes and yes...A doctor once told me that people handle stress and anxiety in one of two ways. One half gets headaches like migraines. The other half gets all sorts of stomach and bowel problems.You... Read More »