Its all fun and games until?

Answer ...there's feces everywhere.

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Can l use xp until 2019?

Extended support for Windows XP and MS Office 2003 ends on April 8, 2014 and that is final. Microsoft is not offering any more extensions for this OS, it is already well past its expiration date. A... Read More »

Why do your games always freeze on pogo games you delete cookies and everything?

If i was todownload games to my ipod nano but the games require 5 and 5.5 g and i have a 8 will it harm it?

it is probably the generation the game works on. 5 gb is a lot of memory. even if the game is 5 gigs it shouldn't harm your i pod it will just take up most of the memory if you have a 8 gig

How much space do iphone games take up Are there any individual games that are over 1 GB?

yes some games will take up over 1GB most wont however from my experience 8GB was not enough for not only apps and games but ll kind of media, which is why i bought a 16GB nexus 7 when i upgraded f... Read More »