It's a chilly day in Long Beach, CA, what should i go eat?

Answer Soup and salad.

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Hotels on the Beach in Long Beach, California?

Long Beach, California, is a popular destination for surfers, swimmers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. Long Beach is home to tourist attractions such as the Queen Mary cruise ship, the Long Beach... Read More »

10 points How to make chilly?

Check or allrecipes.comAnd you may want to search for "vegetarian chili" rather than vegitaren chilly.

Is feeling chilly a pregnancy symptom?

AnswerYes, it is. The baby needs blood also. So where is it going to get it from? Mama. Having a thin flow of blood can cause a person to feel chilly, even if it's 75+ outside. It's worse if you ha... Read More »

What is your favorite hot beverage to warm up during the chilly nights?

Ok, I will so fail here at answering. hahahaI cannot pin it down to just one, cam.As Christians, we do not drink any form of alchol, hot or cold.But, love hot drinks on a cold night, daytime too. h... Read More »