It's a USB line, I'll show you later?

Answer How to transfer video to a PC - would depend on the type of camcorder. Here's an informative guide:…

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Does the Game Show Network plan to show the old black and white programs such as What's My Line To Tell the Truth etc again?

Jack Berry until his death in 1984 Jim Peck occasionally substituted for him and also for host Bill Cullen who replaced Jack Barry after his death

Show you the time line of BBC one?

How can you get a copy of the UK game show 'What is my line'?

Hour long version: 1. Game begins with eight players. In the first round, all eight players play and the round lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Each subsequent round will be 10 seconds shorter ... Read More »

How do you keep your bikini line clear when on show daily?

I'm in Oklahoma; hot all the time. I've waxed and epilated, shaved and done the cream... I really want to try the tria, but at $500.. Maybe another day. I've found shaving to be the most practical... Read More »