It's Nikki's 24th birthday, I wanted to do something to make her feel younger...?

Answer D: do I still get starbucks? oh man.. i've always wanted to wear diapers so someone could change me :D-pees a little on purpose-

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How to Make a Girl Feel Wanted?

Making a girl feel wanted is a great way to make her want YOU! But doing so can be tricky, and overdoing it can ruin things. Follow these steps to help you out.

Ideas for 24th birthday?

Would be nice to spend it with you ;) but hey.Have a quiet one - I think you have had your share of raucous ones but if needing that - go and see something like the Chippendales ;), dancehall, and ... Read More »

Is it cheap of my father to insist on taking me to TGI Fridays on my 24th birthday?

Your Dad is taking you to a place he feels comfortable, with food he knows he'll enjoy. It is his treat to you, therefore his choice. If you were really that upset with his choice, you would have t... Read More »

What do you do if you have to share your birthday with a younger sibling and they come to your younger sibling's party and not yours?

You could organize a separate mini party with some of your closer friends. Maybe you could go see a movie or have a sleep over.