It's Friday night and my sports bars open, may I have your drink request?

Answer Bud ice cold and bring some shooters to do some body shots with you 'eh'

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If I only drink on a Friday and Saturday and have 5 bacardi and cokes on each night am I an alcholic.?

If the consequences of your drinking are negatively affecting your life you may have a problem with alcohol. Diagnosing alcoholism is very different from patient to patient. If you are drinking to ... Read More »

If I get AT&T Wireless, I hear they give you more bars in more places. Do the extra bars have drink specials?

They have ladies night on Thursdays (call 1-900-for info)Karaoke on Fridays (must have mp3 on phone to play)No roaming charges for bar hoppingand Wednesday night "anytime is happy hour time" minutes.

R&P: 90s Friday once again (everyone I request that you CHECK THIS OUT)!!!!!!!!!?

I enjoy Sunny Day Real Estate. My 2nd favorite real Emo band. What do I think about Emo in general? I think it is mislabeled by ignorant teenagers who haven't got a clue about history of music, ... Read More »

Will this Sunday night be a good night to go out to the bars?