It's 5:21pm. Do you know where your cocktail is?

Answer egocentric americans, its actually 9.30 am and a little early for cocktails, however I just had a cone is that the same?

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Does anybody know any good NON-alcoholic cocktail recipes?

Non Alcoholic Fizzy Sour Cherry LemonadeIngredients2 pounds fresh or thawed frozen sour cherries (2 quarts), stemmed 2 cups fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 to 2 cups superfine sugar 3 cups white rum (optio... Read More »

When you go in your house and you smell burnt plastic and you don't know where the smell is coming from but you know it's not the dishwasher what do you do?

Where can in buy cocktail dresses in delhi?

A lot of shop cocktail dresses in delhi where you can buy cocktail dresses. you should go with ozel it is good place to buy cocktail dresses, you can buy online also.

I am trying to buy An app on iPhone and you have to type your card details but I don't know where the issuer number is I have tried the expriy date don't know what else to do?

The Iphone is better but the new nexus one it better than the Iphone