Its 1:00 AM and I have to wake up at 5:00 AM for school...Cant sleep! Help?

Answer Do you have any herbal tea? Get up and drink a double tea bag cup of it. (Chamomile Works Best)

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I've been sleep walking and sleep talking recently to my mum but when i wake up i dont remember anything?

I used to sleep talk and walk alot, and when my family tell me what I talked about, I can remeber what I was dreeming about. You talk during a dream so it would be related to that. But people more ... Read More »

How many hours do sleep in a day and When do u usually sleep/wake up?

Oh! Massy you're so Goody-Goody ;-)I usually sleep around 2 a.m and my wake up totally depends on the frequency of my mom's SCREAAAAAAMMM....Usually around 11 or 12:-D :-D

I just want to sleep and never wake up?

How to sleep & wake up early?

just keep your mind blank, don't think of anything. don't go to bed when you're hungry. this will keep u awake. avoid caffeine. don't forget to pray!if u still can't sleep, u can read a book for a ... Read More »