Ithink i need more ram?

Answer Go to and use the auto scanner that is located on that site. There will be an info bar that will pop up at the top of your browser window asking if you want to allow the activex con... Read More »

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Where can I watch icarly ithink they kissed online?

Why is Spencers shirt blurred out in icarly Ithink they kissed?

I think it's for copyright reasons. If you have watched the episode in America it isn't blurred and it mentions the word "tweets" on the shirt, which is to do with twitter. So the twitter people pr... Read More »

Ithink we saw Jhonny Depp walking around in Providence ,Rhode Island tonite.... anyone knows if in fact was hi?

Very doubtful. A lot of guys in their 40's look a little like Jon Depp.But if he's shooting a movie there, it's a good chance it may have been him.