Items That Use Electromagnets?

Answer An electromagnet is a coil of wire that has an electric current passing through it. When this process occurs, a magnet field is created. This field has many practical uses in the world around us--f... Read More »

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Electrical Appliances that Use Electromagnets?

Electromagnets use the flow of electric current in a wire to create a magnetic field. That magnetic field can in turn be used to induce current in another wire or to power motion, as in the case of... Read More »

What is the name of a 1980's tv series about an antique store that collected items that had evil attached to them?

Items That Can Be Monogrammed?

A monogram is defined as a graphic symbol consisting of two or more letters combined that is then printed on an item. Modern technology has provided the means to add monograms quickly and easily to... Read More »

Automotive Items That Can Melt Ice?

Ice on vehicles can cause problems due to frozen locks, iced windshields or snow-covered driveways. All of these problems can make it possible for a vehicle to be stranded so that the owner cannot ... Read More »