Itchy Anus?

Answer Please go and let your doctor look at it. He or she is going to have seen far worse sights than your bottom honestly.Nobody on the internet can "diagnose" you, it's just not possible. Your doctor n... Read More »

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How can I fix dry nose and itchy anus?

Some kind of gel in the nose (Vaporub or Vaseline), and better cleaning after using the bathroom.

Itchy anus.. do I have a serious illness?

The symptoms you described sound like pin worms. They are microscopic worms (adults are visible, only several mm long) that infect your gut and eat nutrients. They do cause an itchy anus, look for ... Read More »

Itchy Anus for over two months, Help!?

- might be pin worms - - supposedly they make the butt itchy because it perpetuates their life cycle- pin worms are just one of many reasons why one should wash the hands often- well if they are in... Read More »

Embarrassing question... Why is my anus so itchy?

Don't be embarrassed - there is actually a medical condition called, "Itchy Anus Syndrome" I learned about it from the doctor who I was referred to for the same condition. Have it checked out - i... Read More »