Italian Wine Questions!?

Answer What exactly are you looking for:Rosso is Italian for red.Discovery Wines is a wine store.CIAO is Italian for good-bye.Sartori Family and Santa Margherita are wine producers.Kris Artist Cuvee is a ... Read More »

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Is Italian wine that comes in a round bottle inside a basket good or bad wine?

I love Italian wine, especially Chianti. Some of my favorites come in a basket, called a fiasco, bottle.Opici and Mellini are very good. I haven't had the Bell'Agio in a long time, but I remember... Read More »

What is a good italian red wine?

On One Hand: Nebbiolo Grapes Make Great WineNebbiolo grapes are one of the most popular wine-making grapes in Italy. Barbaresco, Barolo, Carema and Donnaz wines are all made from Nebbiolo grapes. N... Read More »

What is the origin of Italian wine?

The art of wine-making was imported to Italy by the Greeks and Etruscans. The Romans improved upon their techniques and drank wine with every meal. After the Roman Empire fell, Italian wine product... Read More »

How is italian wine made?

Wine is central to an Italian's world. Wine growing, grape vines and "vino" are part of what every Italian remembers from childhood. Many Italian immigrants brought wine making customs to America f... Read More »