Italian Landscaping Ideas?

Answer Landscaping your backyard using Italian-style decorations will transform your outdoor living space into a cozy Italian getaway. Turning your lawn into an Italian-themed exterior does not require ma... Read More »

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Dry Landscaping Ideas?

Dry landscaping, called xeriscape, does not have to consist of rock and cactus only. Instead, xeriscape landscaping can be a creative, beautiful solution to reduce your yard's need for supplemental... Read More »

Cactus Landscaping Ideas?

Cacti offer several ways to enhance landscapes, since they grow in all kind of places and require little to no maintenance. As authors Rose Houk and George Huey put it in their book, "Wild Cactus,"... Read More »

Creative Ideas For Landscaping?

Creative ideas for landscaping can also be cost-effective, sustainable and labor-saving. A traditional landscape consumes large amounts of water, fertilizer, pesticides, and the fossil fuels needed... Read More »

Landscaping Ideas for Townhouses?

Most townhouses have little yard room to work with, but you can easily transform a small yard with the right selection of plants. Choose dwarf varieties of shrubs that grow well in your area. Plant... Read More »